About Us

Our Challenge:

  1. We strive to solve the lack of professional human capital in the hi-tech industry, the engine of Israel's economy.
  2. We work to overcome the difficulty in taking the first steps toward a career in hi-tech to those who did not have prior opportunities.
  3. We approach the community to strengthen the social and geographic peripheries.

Our Core Values:

We Believe

Zionet is home to beginner developers seeking a meaningful and successful career. We believe in our developers, and the responsibility for their personal and professional growth lies upon us through on-the-job guidance, mentoring, and training.

We know the vast challenge of filling the void with quality software developers in the hi-tech market. We believe the way to overcome this challenge is through in-depth, personalized training, professional mentoring, and an empowering experience for the developer taking the first steps in the Israeli hi-tech industry.

The people (and the family:) behind the magic

Orna (Fliess) Kotler - CEO

Erez Fliess – Chairman

Alon Fliess - CTO

Liat Fliess – Director of Training Center